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20 Classic Pixie Cut

Favorite hairstyles
A new season is the perfect time to shake things up with a new hair color. If you’re in the market to try something new, take a sample of these gorgeous blonde, brunette, red and multi-toned hair colors.

Favorite Short Hair Fisuren
We take the Over blonde summer Look and make it more appropriate for fall. To achieve this appearance, use a shine to create Lowlights or depth. For a similar Look, you would need a golden shine to turn brighter and medium blondes a little bit more Gold.

Favorite Short Hair Fisuren
We’re taking on the blonde summer look and making it more suitable for autumn. To achieve this view, use a brightness to create low light or depth. For a similar look, you’ll need a golden glow to turn a lighter medium blonde into a bit more gold.

fresh hair color
It’s a big shade for lighter brunettes looking for a subtle change in autumn. Intermediate to medium brown or decidedly to light brown.

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